Nationwide remanufacturing - Nationwide Reman Transmission

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I too purchased a transmission from Nationwide Reman because of the advertised three year warranty. The unit shipped arrived two weeks later (a week late) and it failed within three weeks.

It has been 7 weeks now waiting for a replacement under warranty.

My calls are never returned nor are my emails. They dont return the mechanic's call either. Clearly, they screen their calls and dont have the balls to return a call.

Do NOT purchase an item from them.

I obtained an email from my mechanic who gladly passed it along to me.

If you have been wronged.. their email contact is

DO NOT BUY from this company. Pass the word along.

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Nationwide remanufacturing - Nationwide manufacturing scam austin texas

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Beware ;

nationwide remanufacturing offering rebuilt transmissions on line

is a total scam on the public ; paid $1245.00 on line and they sent non working wrong trans will not answer phone calls or e mails ; no redress

no justice . Mechanic now has lean on truck and all i wanted and expected was a repudiable company with the decency to provide a service ; what I got were land pirates totally unconcerned with the hurt they have caused me and my family who are left with no vechicle and out the money . May justice be swift and a pox on their souls

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #687904


credit card scams should be pursued by state and federal authorities relentlessly based on evidence and a pattern of racketeering .

...a no brainer with fraud like this and with this company ..

.good news thieves are dumb

is they told the credit card company i would be fully refunded ..presumably to put them off ,,,,..

the security division of the credit card company took their promises seriously .....and didn't like getting bull-----....a week ago the security division said they would get the money ..."are you sure " "is there anything you need from me?" iasked

"no " don't worry we will get you your money" .. that was it

Were not there yet but im feeling better that the energy is going in the right direction .....thanks to all who wrote back


Same here, about a year a go, 2012. I stumbled across these thieves online. They do have a impressive website, but I now realize that means nothing.

I ordered a transmission for a older Mercedes and paid them $1395 with my visa.

It took two weeks to arrive, bogus tracking numbers and constant lies from Mr. Jenkins.

When the transmission finally arrived, it was the wrong type. This is just the beginning.

Took them another two weeks to pick up the wrong trans and a further two weeks to send a replacement. When the second transmission arrived, mechanics installed it and it would change up from second gear. After diagnosis, a reputable Mercedes mechanic indicated that the transmission had a faulty valve body and was probably pulled from a high mileage car from the scrapyard and sold to Nationwide Remanufacturing for a few hundred dollars.

So, be warned. They are unscrupulous, dishonest and nothing more than a scam.

I did receive a refund, but that took three months.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #664470

here is a contact email from nationwide I got from my mechanic.

good luck.we should gather a class action suit against the ***.

to mannyg Lovettsville, Virginia, United States #664574

After no answer or response to repeated callings master card got thier attention ; and said "They would give me a full refund "

on return of the transmissions .....So far the words ring hollow

..after which I called them again and again to give them important pick up info ;

yet still no answer or call back .

this is not rocket science ; there are no mistakes here

.meaning they have a questionable intent and no agenda in resolving or assiting me in this theft ............

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Nationwide remanufacturing - Purchased remanufactured transmission that was junk

Austin, Texas 1 comment

Purchased transmission from nationwide remanufacturing.they took the money from my visa immediately but did not ship product for two weeks,then it was a junk transmission and not rebuilt.Nationwide authorized a return and refund within 72 hours but will not pick up the product or issue a refund.They will not answer the phone or return remanufacturing is obviously screening their calls.

If I call from a different phone number they answer but cut the call short.

I have filed a complaint with visa and will protest the purchase.Anyone considering purchasing anything from nationwide remanufacturing shoul look at any reviews they can find.

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #664473

here is a contact email address for nationwide that i managed to get from my mechanic.

good luck

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